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Fat Burning Furnace

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article-board.com/fat-burning-furnace-reviews/Will Fat Burning Furnace provide you with a wealth of information, that will not only inform you, but help you truly transform your body?

I  know exactly what it feels like to be overweight and it’s the worst feeling in the World!

And to top it off you have to weed through all of the hype of so many different weight loss products on the market today.

So Let me just say now I am going to cut through most of the other crap you have read so far.

FACT IS: It is almost impossible to get an unbiased Review Online these days.

Good Luck trying to Find One!

Finding an unbiased review online is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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In This Review I will show you the results you could get by following the program and Exactly what you will find on the inside.

It is my sincere hope that this review will save you a lot of  time having to weed through so many different review sites.

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I’m Just Going to Lay it Out Here For You

So let’s get to it…

Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos is now said to be… One of the Very Best Selling Fat Loss Informational products on the market today.

Still, before I buy a product, I want to know the Products track record.

Since I am skeptical by nature, I research everything before I buy anything. Even products like this with a money back guarantee.

So What the heck is Fat Burning Furnace? And more importantly… Can You ReallyLose Stubborn Weight Like the Program Claims?

My Answer: “Absolutely 100% YES!”

I have lost over 45 pounds using this system and I continue to lose weight each week.

I am getting closer and closer to my target weight. But I Have to be Honest…

Fat Burning Furnace Is Still Missing Something Very Important!

You can have the best exercise and weight loss program in the world, but still one of the main reasons for failure to achieve personal fitness and weight loss goals are procrastination and lack of motivation over time.

Rob Poulos does suggest solutions for these problems in the guide. But these were not enough for me.

I really needed Help. So I sent Rob an email about this.

His response lead me to the very special Hi-Tech Audio that Instantly increases motivation for dramatic weight loss results.

This special audio is not available to the general public and is like nothing else i have ever used.

“This Hi-Tech Audio was the missing link for me and it is geared to help FBF users.”

Two of the most respected and recognized FBF users count on this one specific audio for their complete success with FBF.

So wouldn’t you want to have that extra edge for complete success guaranteed?

Without this exclusive engineered audio to maximize motivation and weight loss, I guarantee I would NEVER have lost the amount of weight I did so far.

This audio has made my results Turbo-Charged and so much more Kick A** !

“If you decide to purchase Fat Burning Furnace and need help with ongoing motivation I would be more than happy to send you a free down-loadable copy so you can use this Exclusive audio along with FBF to get that extra motivational push and to lose even more weight just like I did.”

Believe me, It works wonders!


I’ll email you within 24 hours the link where you can download the exclusive audio.


fat burning furnaceMу Own Personal Experience

Last Year I wаѕ searching fοr a genuine way tο lose weight.

Lіkе Mοѕt People I tried Sο many different weight loss programs аnd failed over аnd over.

Thеrе іѕ ѕο much confusing аnd contradicting information out thеrе. Sometimes іt саn feel impossible tο know whο tο believe аnd trust.

Sο I Know first hand whаt уοu аrе experiencing аnd hοw depressing іt іѕ tο bе overweight.

Aftеr searching thе internet аnd many weight loss forums I finally dесіdеd tο check out Fаt Burning Furnace bесаυѕе іt wаѕ getting grеаt reviews.

Juѕt Another Weight Loss Claim?

Fаt Burning Furnace іѕ ѕаіd tο Skyrocket Yουr Metabolism.

Thіѕ іѕ Suppose tο produce a fаt burning system ѕο effective tο transform уουr body.

I thοught… oh nο nοt another weight loss claim!

Bυt wіth ѕο many great reviews I thοught іt wаѕ аt lеаѕt worth a try.

OK… Sο whаt іѕ mу οwn personal experience аftеr starting tο uѕе the program?

Thе Truth іѕ аt First I didn’t really follow the program precisely. Mу Fault bυt hey thаt’s thе truth.

BUT … I still dіd lose ѕοmе weight аnd I wаѕ pretty hарру.

I realized thеrе WAS really something tο thіѕ program. Sο I finally gοt myself οn target! I then dесіdеd tο follow the program tο the letter аnd thаt’s when I really ѕtаrtеd tο lose weight Fаѕt!

It wаѕ challenging аnԁ exhilarating bυt a journey totally worth doing. I lost 45 pounds already аnd hope tο achieve more іn the coming months.

Whats Inside The Box?

• Detailed training instructions with pictures
• Detailed nutrition instructions
• Web based tools to help you succeed
• Digital download guides
• Workout Charts
• Progress Tracker
• Metabolic Rate Calculator
• The Ultimate FBF Success Toolkit
• The Body Fat % Analyzer
• 90 days email coaching and a completely free updates for 1 year

Fat Burning Furnace Consists Of Three Parts


This is a 13 page Introduction. Rob gives his views on Fat Loss why he believes in what he does. Its the concept and reasoning behind the Fat Burning Furnace Program.

Exercise Ideas

This is where the Fat Burning Furnace 15 Minute Miracle Rob Poulos talks about comes into play. It is a High Intense Resistance Training (HITR) workout that you can perform in only 15 minutes. The real secret to this is the “intensity”. You will work your muscle in an intense way for a short period of time. This type of workout will force your body to build muscle fast, and burn fat for an impressive 24-48 hours! That’s literally all day fat loss and stimulated muscle growth for a very long time in comparison for the work you put into it.

Diet Plan

This is where Rob talks about proper nutrition. Remember Fat Burning Furnace is not considered a diet plan but a meal plan. This meal plan is detailed and specific. The idea with FBF is to get the most out of your nutrition, while still being able to eat a lot, so you never go hungry.

trial offer$4.97 Trial Offer?


With the FBF trial offer you are Automatically billed the full amount in a couple of weeks.

So how is that considered a Trial?

I Consider it a Clever Marketing Strategy!

I Recently saw a marketer advertising a $1.00 trial and when you click the button it takes you to the $4.97 Trial.

There is No $1.00 Trail Offer.

The Good and Bad of It All…

With Fat Burning Furnace, Rob really delivers on the science and facts behind his ideas.

The way in which the program is taught makes it very easy to follow and very easy to implement as well. However, you still have to work at it. There is no getting around that.

Again I’m Not Here To B.S. You.

Please keep in mind the FBF Site is designed to be “hypey” and enticing.

If you want some lazy method to losing weight, then don’t bother.

However, if you want to kick start your metabolism and if you follow the instructions carefully, then it will work for you.

I won’t sugarcoat this. There is work involved.

You may not lose 7 inches right away like FBF says, but losing a couple inches a month is possible right off.

To lose the 7 inches a month, you have to follow the program to the tee.

REMEMBER: If you buy Fat Burning Furnace make a promise to yourself that You WILL follow it through till the end and follow everything that you are taught.

If your not willing to put in the effort to make a real go of it then Fat Burning Furnace and everything else out there isn’t for you.

Rob Poulos

My Final Thoughts…

FBF is not for everyone.

Your average couch potato is not going to suddenly get six pack abs with this.

However, if you are seriously willing to put in the effort and follow the instructions, then This Will Work Great For You.

Its Not a quick fix where you’ll lose some weight and then gain it back twice as fast…

Bottom Line, Fat Burning Furnace is about transforming your body for life!

I should know being a FBF user myself!

What Are My Results with Fat Burning Furnace?

“I’ve Already Lost Over 45 pounds.”

Will It Work For You Too?

You CAN and WILL lose weight with this program, just like I did. It now comes down to Commitment.

So, the real question is… Can You Commit?

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FBF UltimateRemember, you’re going to be downloading FBF to your computer.
There is nothing that needs to be mailed, so you get INSTANT ACCESS!

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In regards to all  Fat Burning Furnace testimonials, Please keep in mind not everyone will experience these kind of results, they will vary based on your situation and circumstance, and you may not expect to do as well.

Please be sure to consult your doctor about beginning any sort of workout routine or diet. This review is purely my opinion regarding Fat Burning Furnace and is in no way a guarantee of any type of results.

5 Responses to “Fat Burning Furnace Reviews Scam – ((( WARNING! )))”

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  2. Rob says:

    If we really commit to this but still dont lose that much weight, are we eligible for any kind of refund

    • ericme2011 says:

      Hi Rob, Well if you really do commit to FBF, I don't think there is any way you WON'T lose weight. In fact not just weight but you will surely lose the Fat weight. But… if you are not completely satisfied the program does come with a full money back guarantee. What i found was the people who do returns just were not truly committed and didnt follow through to see the great fat loss, which of course is really sad. So I would suggest to really make sure you are truly committed before going further. If you are not at that point, then Fat burning Furnace and EVERY other system or program would not ever work for you. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

  3. Stu says:

    Will this program actually teach me new things other than what is out there for free on the internet, magazines, or newspapers?

    • ericme2011 says:

      Hi Stu, To answer your Question, FBF is much different than anything else I have ever tried. I am truly humbled at the results I continue to get. Normal cardio seemed not to do much at all for increasing my metabolism. All I can say is I have tried program after program and finally found a winner here. Feel free to email me with any other questions you have and I will be sure to get back to you ASAP!